We get your cash and keep your customers.

EOS offers different services like receivables mangement to save your money and time. We combine our expertise in debt collection with technology.

We create win-win-solutions.

We understand your debtors and your business. And always come up with tailored solutions that suit both sides. For the right solution we combine talent with technology, brains with bytes and emotional with artificial intelligence. We invested in smart financial services, so we know your debtors better than anyone, and serve you better than anyone. Whatever financial problem you've got – you can count on us: we'll save you time, money and customers.

We're happy to help. Just get in touch.

Solutions for receivables management.

We as EOS Hungary, as leader in the segment take a highly result-oriented approach based on many years' experience.

Smart financial services

  • Immediate cash-flow and unremarked financial balance due to selling the debt.

    By purchasing debt portfolios, EOS Hungary releases its customers’ from cost and time spent in connection with collecting.

    We save time and accounting costs for our partners:

    • We purchase receivables of our customers causing immediately noticed positive effect on the financial balance.
    • Receivables are appropriately processed protecting our customers’ fame.
    • Immediate cash-flow is promoted for new investments.
    • Company capacities are relieved so our customers can focus on their own business.
    • Support is provided for reminders and for legal departments.
  • Managing unpaid invoices

    Overdue payments may peril the company’s liquidity and debt collecting becomes essential. At the moment this is the most frequent cause leading to insolvency and may peril the company’s cash-flow irrespective of its size.

    This is the reason why professional debt collection is a rather important activity. EOS Hungary has the experience of decades and a sector specific expertise in the field of debt collection in Hungary. Besides our local expertise our customers have the benefits of the EOS-group’s international network.

    With their help incoming payments are protected allowing for our customers to focus on their own business. Our experts provide help in collecting both private (between business and private sector) and commercial (inter-company) receivables.

    A decade’s experience in collecting debts

    Based on a decade’s experience EOS Hungary elaborated a debt collecting procedure. In the meantime several methods were used to contact defaulting debtors such as written notice or contacting via telephone or directly in person. Besides traditional methods similar to these modern means of receivables management have also been used such as payment reminders via e-mail and sms.

    Our primary objective is to ensure debt payments, however, we are aware of how important it is to keep existing business relationships. Therefore, during our work receivables are collected in a way that the relationship between our partners and customers is not endangered.

    Customers are dealt with considerately and in person, considering their specific situation. We try to reconstruct their relationships with their customers with adequate accuracy and try to find mutual solutions for the problems helping to stabilize and turn up cash-flow.

  • Cross-border solution: global approach, local know-how.

    For the field of cross-border debt collection, we offer the perfect solution: It doesn’t matter how many languages your defaulting customers speak; with our help, you will only need one. We guarantee that you will have a local contact person in your home country for the whole area of international receivables management.

    We ensure during the contact that the defaulting debtors experience the proper combination of diplomacy, integrity and professionalism. We strive to reach a solution satisfactory for both parties. We know the legal systems of the different countries and we speak the language of the debtors. The international debt collecting process is managed locally by a local contact person. We guarantee legal expertise while observing local thinking, and our customers may realize direct advantage from our experience of a decade and the local know-how we have.

    Shared Service Solution: group-wide process harmonisation, regional focus

    We provide your Shared Service Centre with the infrastructure and technology to optimise your global debt collection strategy, always depending on your international structures and specific needs. By managing your international debt collection with the Shared Service Solution of EOS Global Collection, you will improve your efficiency and increase the level of standardisation and transparency within your group-wide collection process. The EOS Global Collection network offers you local experts in over 180 countries. Your local branches can discuss about their collection cases with a local contact person who is in charge for your files on a regional level.  Together with a group-wide framework contract and a central reporting system, EOS provides you with the perfect solution for your Shared Service Centre.

    Client-oriented business solution:

    • Global framework contract with your SSC
    • Regional contact persons for operational discussions
    • A fully automated communication and case submission flow
    • Reporting on group level


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