EOS Group and EOS Hungary regularly conduct professional researches about the payment habits and attitudes of European companies and debtors, in order to support the responsible decision making of debt management.

EOS – European Payment Practice Survey – 2018.

EOS Group - "European Payment Practices" research

On behalf of EOS, in the spring of 2018, the independent market research institute Kantar TNS once again surveyed experts in European countries regarding local payment practices. The survey is unique not only with respect to quantity, but also in terms of detail: the opinions of experts in receivables management of 3,200 companies were analysed in 18 European countries.

Countries participating in the research: Great Britain, Spain, France, Austria, Greece, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

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EOS Hungary - Debtor survey

In 2018, EOS Hungary analysed data of hundreds of thousands claims without real estate collateral for the third time, in order to highlight the most important trends.

During the research, EOS experts have looked at numerous factors related to demographic and payment habits, which help companies better understand how a wide range of debtors feel about their assets.

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