Hungarian middle-aged people were still indebted, but young people became more conscious

The average debtor is between 40 and 59 years old: 51% of cases can be linked to this age group, which is an increase of 2 percentage points compared to a year earlier – according to the research of EOS Group.

EOS Group, one of Europe's leading debt management companies, investigated hundreds of thousands of uncovered cases in Hungary in 2018. According to the results, more than half (51%) of debtors belong to the middle-aged population – 40-59 age group –, 29% belong to the 20-39 age group, and 20% belong to the age group over 60 years. Compared to 2017, the proportions changed slightly: the number of middle-aged debtors increased by 2 percentage points, the proportion of people over 60 increased by 1 percentage point, while the proportion of people aged 20-39 decreased significantly, by about 3 percentage points. This may indicate that the younger generations are managing their finances with increasing awareness and they are trying to repay their debts as soon as possible.

In terms of average payments per capita, the largest repayment amount is for bank debts, where an average payment is HUF 27,300, while in case of telecommunication debts this amount is HUF 17,500 and in case of utility debts it is HUF 15,700. The value of average payments increased by 11% compared to last year.

The research also covers the legal costs saved by early contact and installment payment arrangements. “It is important for all parties to pay the debt as soon as possible, as the related potential legal costs can be charged by the debtor. That is why we aim to reach such an agreement at an early stage which is acceptable to all parties. The average expected legal cost per case for legal debts was approximately HUF 58,078 in 2018” – said Tamás Kraszna, head of uncovered debt management at EOS Hungary.


The EOS Group 

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