EOS Faktor Co. continues its operation with dual management

From March, Tamás Lencsés, head of the Secured Debt Collection and Debtor Relationship Management, continues to work as a member of the Board of Directors and as a Managing Director.

From 1st of March, Tamás Lencsés joins Péter Thummerer, managing director, so the Hungarian subsidiary of one of Europe’s leading receivables management group – similarly to other EOS companies in the region – operates with dual management in the future. The expert also joins the Board of Directors of EOS Faktor Co.

Tamas Lencsés arrived to EOS Faktor Co. in September 2017 and he achieved great success with his team in a very short time. Among these, he played an important role in that EOS has performed its most valuable investments in Hungary in the past six months.

Péter Thummerer, EOS Faktor’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “The following period has the potential to invest, so our Hungarian subsidiary, which has long been a stable and successful company, can continue to confidently contribute to the steady development of our group. We especially count on Tamás Lencsés’ expertise in this exciting period.